Giving is Loving

For giving is living” the angel said.

But living is also loving. Loving people and showing how much you care. On any occasion
with whatever you’re able to give at any moment.
A present, an unconditional gesture of saying I love you for who you are.
We at DelReY are the luckiest people being able to meet the ones that love giving on
a daily basis. So we can give the best we can offer.

And remember that a sweet gift will always be appreciated a little bit more.

Enjoy giving, enjoy life!

DelRey antwerp

About DelRey

DelRey, The King of Sweet Temptation – since 1949

DelRey is a traditional chocolatier-confectioner located in the prestigious diamond district of Antwerp ‘City of Biscuits’ (Koekenstad) which was taken over in 1983 by Bernard Proot and his spouse Anne Seutin.  With solid training and hands-on experience gained at Lenôtre in Paris and Wittamer in Brussels, and surrounded by a team of dedicated employees, DelRey really earned its spot among the 100 best confectioners in the world. Testified by the years of membership at Relais Desserts.

As a quickly growing company, DelRey is always looking for innovation. They travel around the world to seek inspiration and combine the best of several continents. And always with full dedication and passion for the craft. Because that is what DelRey is about ... all their confectionery and famous chocolate collections are always carefully made by hand in their own workshop.

The DelRey creations can be tasted and experienced in the “chocolate lounge” beside the shop, but you can also go in for a take-away or order a selection online on the webshop:

DelRey now has 2 branches in Antwerp:

  • DelRey – Appelmansstraat 5
  • DelRey Pop Up – Stadsfeestzaal (until 31/12/2017)

and several branches in Tokyo.


For more than 60 years

The history of DelReY reads like a good story. It all started with Adèle Raymaekers, who took over the business from her husband. She first named it "Maison Ray" which would later become DelReY. What’s in a name!

Some 30 years later Bernard Proot, one of the chocolatiers, shared a passion for chocolate with Anne Seutin, who used to work in the shop during the weekends. They partnered to acquire DelReY and like every good story ends… they also found each other in marriage.

Today DelReY is amongst the top in Belgium, has several branches in Tokyo and over the years has been winning a lot of prestigious awards in the culinary world.

Bernard and Anne are rightly proud on their team that made it all possible.

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DelRey Belgian chocolate